How To Tape A Hamstring With K-Tape

A short instructional video of how to apply K-Tape to a hamstring muscle.  This taping technique can be used for an acute hamstring muscle strain injury, a hamstring tendinopathy, or a hamstring muscle contusion (cork).



How To Tape A Hamstring:

  1. Measure the required length from glutes to below knee
  2. Cut two equal length strips
  3. Round the corners to prevent them lifting off
  4. Gutter the tape towards itself to catch the leading edge
  5. Apply an inch at each end with no stretch
  6. Apply tape with 50% stretch along medial and lateral hamstrings, finishing on either side of knee


Used For:

  • Hamstring muscle strain, early phase rehab and return to play
  • Hamstring tendinitis
  • Hamstring muscle soreness