Elastic Tape

A range of Elastic Tapes & Bandages for Athletes, Clubs, & Sports Medicine Professionals, which means you can save money and be confident you're buying guaranteed quality products, backed by knowledgeable, friendly service.

Lightwrap is a hand-tearable elastic tape commonly used to overwrap rigid strapping tape to provide additional support and compression.  It's the lifting tape line-out jumpers wrap around their thighs in rugby.  It's the head-tape that front-rowers use to keep their ears on.  It's great for fast on-field application for blood.

Ealstic Adhesive Bandage (EAB) is the thicker, fluffy edge bandage that cuts with scissors.  It's an elastic tape that gives firm support when used as an overwrap.  EAB has a line down the centre to help alignment with circular wrapping.

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