BJSM PODCAST - When should we tape?

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BJSM PODCAST - When should we tape? New York physiotherapist Dr Karen Litzy @KarenLitzyNYC, host of physio podcast 'Healthy Wealth and Smart' poses the practical questions to Dublin’s Dr Marie-Elaine Grant. Dr Grant has been Ireland’s Olympic Team Chief Physiotherapist since 1992 and Chief Physiotherapist with the IOC Medical Commission for the London 2012 Games.

The discussion includes:

  • Whether to tape or brace or not 
  • For how long should an athlete use tape or brace? 
  • If the athlete is superstitious? Is it OK to keep taping for luck 
  • The K-tape question 
  • Tape falling off – re-tape or not? 
  • Any adverse events? Contraindications 
  • How long do the properties of the tape last? 
  • Bracing vs. neuromuscular training

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