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Fit As A Physio STRAPPING TAPE + SPORTS MED | Established 2007

Fergus & Annika | Owners of Fit As A Physio STRAPPING TAPE + SPORTS SUPPLIES


I am a Sports Physio in Sydney & over the last 18 years I've used every type of strapping tape on all sorts of athletes. I use tape on nearly all my patients, and I spend my weekends as a rugby physio with seven teams that need strapping. As a rough calculation, I've strapped over 10,000 ankles.

In 2007, I spent $25,000 on tape, strapping for two Sydney rugby clubs. I realised most tape is overpriced or the cheaper stuff was disappointing quality, & I was looking for a way to save the footy clubs and my physio practice some money. This progressed to producing our own brand of a number of different types of tapes, & now we can share with you the significant savings on great quality tape.

We have a range of sports strapping related products we use and are proud of. I'm fussy about tape. Our strapping tapes have to be affordable and perform well.

My wife & I now run this online business as an adjunct to our physio practice in Mosman, Sydney. We have our own brand of strapping tape and related products, & also stock other gear I use on the sideline on game day.  Which means you can save money when you shop with us, get a guaranteed quality product, and the convenience of knowledgeable, friendly service.

It's a family business, focused on customer service. We want to answer your questions. We want to keep prices competitive. We want to get your orders out quickly. Please let us know if there's any way we can help you.

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